December 11th, 2018

Searching for a specific Tony/OC abusive relationship fic

I’m looking for a specific Tony/OC abusive relationship story that I read ages ago but cannot find anymore. The one specific scene I remember is that it’s Tony’s birthday and his boyfriend comes home late, when Tony gets upset at him they have a huge argument and the boyfriend locks Tony out on the balcony naked, however when Tony tries to get back inside, the boyfriend slams his fingers in the sliding door.
I believe it was on but I don’t really remember :( I think Steve/Tony was tagged in the tags but I could be wrong. I also believe it was at wip at the time.


Fic with Steve showing up bloody/injured at Avengers tower where Tony and Strange are

There was a fic on that was like a post Civil war story where the teams are still split. Tony and Stephen Strange are in the tower and Steve suddenly snuck in, all bloody and injured. I think Bruce was there as well and he tends to the pretty skittish captain by treating his severe wounds along with Tony's help. Dr. Strange is there to help a little but he doesn't really know Steve. Steve slowly starts to explain what happened to him. I think he was experimented on, maybe by Hydra.
Really appreciate anyone locating this fic. I thought I had it saved, but I didn't, and it's been so hard to find.

Prostitute Tony

In the fic I remember Tony had lost everything and was an alcoholic selling his body for the price of a drink. Steve buys his services for the night and rents a hotel room for the night. In the morning he leaves Tony all the money he has on him and his Avengers/Stark credit card?Does this ring any bells please.