December 14th, 2018


Steve and Bucky get sick on too many espresso shots

I just came from my community food locker where they were trying to get rid of an over abundance of bottled and canned drinks, including energy drinks. I recalled this story scene but can't recall which story its a part of, and looking up espresso gives me a ton of results (Thank you, Tony Stark). Steve and Bucky go out with a friend or teammate (I forget who) and are served cups of espresso. Because the cups are small and, as Bucky later says, they are thirsty, they down several cups, with the resulting energy boost. Later, first Steve, then Bucky show up on the common floor feeling sick and thinking they're about to die. Tony and Bruce have to explain to them that a six-pack of those little cans is not the way to go.

Anybody know this story? Pls point me in the right direction.