December 16th, 2018

  • rbtlsr

Fics dealing with Tony's self worth

I'm hoping for some lesser known fics. I think I've already read everything that has a bunch of bookmarks/kudos on AO3.
I'm hoping for fic with themes about Tony's self worth, preferably others finding out he hates himself or thinks poorly of himself and some h/c
I'd prefer gen or Tony/Steve, but other pairings are okay too.

Bonuses for:
-past abuse (preferably non-sexual)
-craving intimacy but feeling undeserving
-others find out without him telling them
-others being upset to find out how he feels about himself
-Tony downplaying it and making jokes instead of being vulnerable
-self harm

If you have any recs that fit the bill about a character other than Tony, those would be welcome too (except Bucky, sorry)