December 19th, 2018

  • whomii2

Tony and Cloak of Levitation


Looking for a particular fic. I think it is post-Civil War. And I think it might have Spiderman in it but I could be wrong about that. Anyway, I believe Tony and Strange have met somehow (maybe through a mutual knowledge of Spiderman but again that is just a guess). I have read a number of the Tony adds Strange as a New Avenger after Civil War but the particular fic I am looking for has a scene where for some reason the cloak comes to Stark Tower. FRIDAY (or guess it could be JARVIS but I think Friday) alerts Tony that there is a cloak downstairs looking in the windows of the tower. So Tony lets it in and is fascinated with trying to figure out how sentient it is and how it can actually "see" things. So can it respond to verbal comments or recognize that Tony is in the room or track his movements etc.

Can anyone help me out? Since the scene probably occurs well after the start of the fic I am having trouble finding it.

Any help appreciated