December 20th, 2018

Please Help Me!!

I'm desperatly looking for a fanfic that was in A03 i think, but it was a Clint/Loki and i think towards the end Loki either sick or fell into a coma and frigga and odin took his memories away and made him a female to be the mother to clint's baby. One part Natasha locked Female loki and Clint into a room so they would "talk" and female loki got angry and kissed Clint.
And one part at a store i think, Loki told someone off and Tony had said something like "Careful Clint, Your lust is showing."

Please help me!!

Avengers found Tony

Hi guys !
I really want to read a fic where the avengers find Tony on a mission. Something like Tentacle Monsters are Usually Biggerby MountainRose. He doesn't need to be alien or so (but it would be cool) but just that the avengers meet him on a mission. He can be captured , experimented etc. or just be a total normal guy that helps. (He also doesn't need to bei his billionair self )

Thanks for helping !

Lily :)