December 23rd, 2018

Looking for Post-Ragnarok fic

Hi, I can't for the life of me remember the title (and I've bookmarked it too ages ago, geez) but I'm looking for this fic set post-Ragnarok, the setting is on board the Statesman, and a dark curse has befallen them all and everyone starts feeling murderous and picking fights with each other. Thor hurts Loki some, and in the end Loki nearly bleeds to death after conjuring a counter-spell to lift the curse. Any help is greatly appreciated, for I have lost sleep over this. Thank you.

Fanfic recs involving Tony + Loki’s kids?

Hi, does anybody have any recs for fanfics involving any kind of interaction between Tony and one (or more) of Loki’s children?

+ If it’s FrostIron
++ If they take a particular liking to Tony specifically
+++ Merchant of Death Tony Stark (when interacting with Hela, Goddess of Death)
++++ Tony Stark-centric

Plz and thank you~! <33