January 2nd, 2019

Post CW w/ traumatized Steve / Members of Team Cap changing sides

1) So I think I remember reading a post-Civil War kind of fix-it fic, where Tony realizes that Steve is severely traumatized? Like, it's acknowledged that his choices in Civil War were wrong, but Tony comes to the conclusion that all his actions were done out of desperation and PTSD and that Steve has never received any kind of therapy after having gone through everything that he's gone through and that he needs help. There's a fair chance that it was a Steve/Tony fic, but I'm not positive about that. Also, if anyone knows any other fics that are definitely on the side of Team Iron Man, but are sympathetic to Steve I'd love some recs!

2) For this one I'm looking for some recs that are less Steve sympathetic. Anything where any members of Team Cap come to realize that they haven't been given the whole truth about the Accords situation from Steve and are pissed about it (and regret their own actions) and decide they actually agree with Tony. I would especially be interested in seeing Scott Lang move over to team Iron Man, just because I don't think I've really seen any fics with him and Tony interacting much and it seems like an interesting combination. Also, he seemed to have very little stake in the Civil War, and it kind of seems like he jumped in without actually understanding the situation very well. But honestly any members of Team Cap changing sides to Team Iron Man either during the war or after would be of great interest to me. And I'll pretty much read any ship involving Tony at all. :)

Thanks in advance!!!