January 4th, 2019

Specific fic search: Strange in battle

Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read recently on ao3, in it Stephen Strange showed up during an Avengers battle and completely saved the day, I think they were fighting robots or something, and Stephen stabilized a building using magic? Anyway, he was weakened somehow, and Tony and the others had to protect him while he saved everybody. I think it was IronStrange, or at least focused on Tony and Stephen's developing friendship or something. I remember Steve was there, and was impressed and awed by Stephen's magic, as was everybody present. Help?
  • Jojo


Hey, some time ago, I read a fanfic, in which Thor thinks, Loki is dead, but instead of leaving him on Svartalfheim, he takes his dead body to the Avengers tower, so that he can later come back. After Thor has left, it is discovered that Loki isn't actually dead and he stays there until Thor returns. I searched everywhere for that fic, but I just can't find it and I think I read it on AO3. Please help me find it!