January 6th, 2019

Non powered steve/Tony Fic

EDIT: found

Hi all

I hope you can help me find this one.
It starts with Tony calling a random number that is written on a bathroom stall. It happens to be Steves number that Clint has written there.
They start a very long phone call and Tony manages to find Steve in a cafe while they are talking.
They get together.
Other things i remember is that is a discussion on asexuality with pizza as a metaphor.
I also think that Tony discovered he is aromantic.

I know i have this bookmarked so ewhere but i cant find it. I really need to do a sort how i mark these things.

Looking for specific fic, details below

Hi! So this is my first post here, so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong!

I'm looking for a fic that mainly centers around Darcy. I can't really remember a lot of it, so this might be a little vague, sorry! From what I can remember, Darcy has never known her parents, and grew up an orphan (possibly in foster care?) Jane finds out she's pregnant, I believe she is kidnapped and when she gives birth, the baby is taken away by whoever captured her. Later, Darcy, Jane and Thor find out that Darcy is their missing baby.

If I remember anything else, I'll make sure I add it on! Any recommendations are also welcome too :)

Thanks in advance!