January 8th, 2019

Alpha Dom Steve/Sub Clint

I’ve posted this before, but I haven’t had any luck yet finding it.I would love some help finding this fanfic. Here is what I remember. Sorry for any mistakes.

Phil has Clint go down for him so he can show Steve how to do it. Phil needs Clint to go down for Steve just in case that Phil can’t be their to drop Clint. Phil has Clint and Steve practice in front of all the Avengers. During on battle Steve gets hit by something and because he is and Alpha Dom they need to calm him down so that can us Hulk darts. Clint doesn’t remember much because Steve put him so far down. After it is over and Steve can be safely darted Clint goes to the hospital. Clint wakes up and is wondering where Steve is. Phil and him have a conversation about Steve. Clint comments on how Steve is a good Dom and I think Phil answers that’s Steve took good care of him or that Steve is a good Dom. Clint answers that is to bad that he is a bad sub. Weeks later after a battle Steve accidentally drops Clint and because he doesn’t realize it leaves Clint in his own room. Clint drops fast and Steve comes back to his room to see if Clint wanted food. Steve helps get Clint out of his drop. The next thing I remember is Clint is reheating good and Steve asks Clint why didn’t you tell me to stay and Clint answers you didn’t want to. At the end they kiss. Not sure if there is more.

Popular/Loved Loki Recs?

This is my first time using LJ, so forgive me if I did something wrong. Im looking for any fics where loki is popular/loved. Where the people of asgard love him. Where everyone is super protective of him. Etc. Any recs are good, but I would perfer a completed story. However i will accpet WIPs, thanks.