January 13th, 2019

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Looking for Tony Stark finds the Winter Soldier in cryotank

I am looking for a story in which Tony Stark finds a frozen Winter Soldier in a storage building or garage.

The cryotank is hidden among a lot of old paper files and other stuff of either Howard Stark or Obadia Stane. I am not sure which of those two it was, only that Tony was pretty hurt by finding the storage unit existed.

I am sorry that this is all the info I can give you about the story.

Thank you in advance.
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Ummm... Nevermind - ETA: found! Loki/Tony fic?

I appear to have misplaced a fic I enjoyed. I believe it was on AO3 and a WIP. Tony has decided he has had enough of SHIELD and the Avengers. He decides to make a partnership with Loki - both getting revenge on those that have done them wrong. Among other things Loki starts teaching Tony magic. He also tranforms into a handsome man that Tony publicly dates/falls for. The Avengers et al do not know Loki is the guy. Also at times Loki tranforms into a woman that takes a job as Tony's assistant (who to outward appearances doesn't like Tony). Again no one but Tony, Loki and JARVIS know that the woman is Loki. They are working to destroy SHIELD and its bases. The plan is for The Avengers and SHIELD are to think Loki is targeting them - no Tony involvement. I've done several searches on AO3, my bookmarks etc. No joy. Any help/pointers would be most greatly appreciated.


Sorry went back to an earlier search again and finally located the fic:

Avengers: A Deal with the Devil by IBegToDreamAndDiffer
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Looking for a specific past Steve/Tony, current Bruce/Tony, involves cheating? [FOUND]

I vaguely remember reading it some time ago on AO3; it's part of a series, I think? The story goes like this, more or less:

Steve and Tony was in an established relationship when Bucky returned and then Steve left Tony for Bucky. Bruce, who has had feelings for Tony for a while, began to have a relationship with Tony, but then later Bruce cheats on Tony for some reason.

I need to know that I did not hallucinate this whole thing. Please and thank you! Cheers & have a nice day uwu

EDIT: got it!!!