January 18th, 2019

Post Avengers Infinity War

I'm looking for a fic I read in which Peter is still around and Tony can hear him but not see him. Tony thinks he is going insane, but then Peter moves a paper on Tony's desk and Friday confirms that something moved it. Then Tony starts coming up with a way to prove Peter is still here. He makes something so he can see Peter when he is around. Peter isn't always there and describes that he is with other people when he's not with Tony, but doesn't know where he is exactly. Sound familiar to anyone?

Also looking for a different fic in which Peter comes back from the ash and dust after Thanos gets rid of everyone. The Avengers fix it and Peter comes back but is having some serious PTSD and is trying to hide it from everyone.

On a side note — if anyone has any good Tony and Peter fics for post-infinity war, I would love them. Not as a couple, but with Tony looking out for Peter and/or treating him like a son. I like the dynamic in which Tony loves Peter like he would a son. Thanks in advance!

Clint/Phil fics

So I have a couple Clint/Phil fics I'm looking for also

1.) Clint thinks Phil is dying — they were captured and Phil was tortured — and Phil had asked Clint out in the past and Clint always said no. Clint asks Phil to ask him out again and when Phil does, Clint agrees to go out with him in hopes that Phil won't die. Phil and Clint both survive and Phil tried to let Clint out of the date.

2.) Clint goes into anaphylactic shock after a mission and Phil is calling for help over comms but no one answers. Phil gives Clint meds and is able to stabilize him and then realizes no one came to help because he was still on Clint and his private channel and he realizes he is compromised because he likes Clint and he couldn't think straight to help him

3.) Clint willingly goes to Asgard because Loki still has magic in him. They lock Clint in a cell with Loki. Clint thought Phil was dead. Phil is not dead and when he finds out Clint went to Asgard, he is very pissed about it.

4.) Fic Clint and Phil were together and when Clint finds out Phil is alive, he gets pissed because Phil hadn't told him. Clint finds out Phil didn't know he and Clint were together because some of his memories got erased and he thought he was with Audrey when he died because that is what they pieced his mind back together with.

WinterIron specific fic search: Tony kidnapped by Hydra and brainwashed

I'm looking for a specific fic I read on ao3 several years ago. It was WinterIron eventually, and featured a Tony who'd been kidnapped by Hydra at some point and turned into a version of the Winter Soldier-possibly called the Mechanic?-the fic is set after the Avengers have formed. Tony knew Bucky, but when he escaped they were separated and Bucky remained the Winter Soldier. When Steve brings Bucky back to the Tower, he's locked in a holding cell for a while. I just remember a scene where Tony got Jarvis to let him into Bucky's cell and then lock the door so no one else could get in. It was written/set pre-Civil War and possibly also pre-AoU. Help?

Looking for 2 clint/darcy fics


Clint is a single father who Darcy ends up baby sitting for while he is gone on a mission. She isn't sure if he likes her or if she is just a useful babysitter.


Clint and Darcy hookup in New Mexico. She never tells him she gets pregnant. Several years later Darcy and her daughter move into the tower. She and Clint decide to co-parent and eventually get together. When Ultron happens Darcy and the kid are sent to hid with Clint's old circus. A reformed Barney Barton is there. There is a subplot where Bucky finds out he has grandchildren.

I think these were both on AO3. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!