January 24th, 2019


The fic I'm looking for is a Post Captain America- Civil War fic.
So, in this fic (ao3 or fanfiction.net) Phil Coulson is the new director of SHEILD. Steve spends most of his time complaining to Bucky who is in the ice and later when he is out of it.
Phil also read this report from the WW2 army which said that they were glad Steve was MIA cause now they could fix up his image for the world.
Please help.... It's stuck in my head!

Yinsen survives and helps Tony with the events in the following movies

Looking for a fic rec for Yinsen surviving, and him and Tony supporting each other, Tony getting him back from that borderline suicidal brink, and Yinsen tempering Tony's chaotic behaviour and PTSD.
Anyone knows if something like that is out there? Preferably platonic between Yinsen and Tony, but I'll take what I can get.

Find a fic for me, PLEASE?!

This is a Post Captain America Civil War fic.
Captain and team are brought back to the US and are under the supervision of some lady. Tony stark sends this lady a basket of stuff including some extra large Advil and an electronic card (if I'm not wrong). Some people arrive and take the Exvengers off the lady's hands, right after they light a vending machine on fire. Loki is part of this team (I think so).
PLEASE help me find this!

Pre age of ultron team Fics Tony centric

It’s been a long while since I’ve looked at this fandom. I still can’t bring myself to watch Civial War or the infinity War. I know what happens, I just can’t bring myself to watch them.

I say this because I would appreciate it if Fics about this are avoided. Maybe even go so far back as age of ultron, before that, when the team seemed like it was all going to work out fine.

Anyway Fics I would appreciate ;

1. Insecure Tony, because I love it when he’s not sure of himself, but specifically ones when the team is getting off the ground.

2. Clint/Tony Fics, be they friendship, slash, whatever. Because these two together are awesome. Emphasis on how they are good friends and hang out and care about each other. Angst avoided if possible, but h/c fine.

3. Team building exercises. Something where they have to do like training stuff, because I’m convinced there must be some but I can’t find any!

4. Team adventure Fics, with Tony playing a prominent role because he’s awesome! Missions, team working together to fight villains. Wacky adventures, injuries. Etc. Nothing too angsty please.

5. Science bros! That is all.

Sorry for the long request.

Thank you!