January 26th, 2019

Specific Tony time travel story / kidnapped Loki recs / non-human Tony recs

1. I remember reading a story where Tony ends up going back in time to warn his younger self not to trust the Avengers because they will hurt and betray him. I think it was written from the POV of the younger Tony? And may have taken place during the first Avengers movie? I don't think it was very long.

2. Are there any stories where it turns out that Loki was kidnapped, not abandoned, and when his birth family learns that he is alive, they welcome him back? Totally a-ok with Thor/Loki pairing being included :) 

3. Stories where Tony is secretly not human? Alien, mutant, mythological creature etc, but taking place in the canon verse, so he is still Iron Man and an Avenger, but not quite as human as everyone thinks. For example, like Fire and Ice or We're All a Little Broken Inside, both of which are favorites of mine. No Steve/Tony stories though please! Literally any other pairing is ok.