January 27th, 2019

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Specific fic request

I’m looking for a certain fic involving Loki and his children

The Avengers (possibly FrostIron) help Loki travel through the realms to recover his children.

Sleipnir is a foal and can transport people thought the branches of Yggdrasil. They sneak him out of Odin’s stables from Asgard.

Fenrir is trapped in Jötunheim bound by chains thatif broken will cause Ragnorok. Tony Stark melts the ice that are holding the chains, thus freeing Fenrir.

They all return and live in the Avengers tower

Bucky can't read


I'm looking for a fic in which Bucky can't read. It happened during WW2 and he had someone write his reports. I remember that he memorized an entire manual to make his superiors think he could read. I think that after Azzano he gain the ability to read. Pretty sure it was on AO3.

Does it sound familiar to anyone ?

Edit : Found it ! For those who are interested in it, it's Nothing You Can Name by togina

Specific: Loki's been causing mischief on earth for a long time

I'm looking for a fic that I can't for the life of me find.
So Loki's been traveling to Earth since forever, and everyone knows of him because he constantly causes harmless mischief around the globe. He helped fight during World War II with Cap and turned Hitler into some sort of animal(?) during one of his speeches. He also mopes in SHIELD's ice cream freezer when he learns of his true heritage and invites Cap to mope with him and Natasha, who was already in the freezer before Loki locked both of them in it.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks.

Fics please!

Hey guys,

So I'm basically looking for any time travel Tony fics. Preferably he goes back to his parents death, but after that would do too! I just want decent TONY time travel fics!

Thank you so much.
PS I would appreciate if they were finished or had a large word count

Loki & Thor brother fics

I'm really hoping someone can help me. I've been trolling through A03 and google searching for loki & Thor brother fics, but caan't find any that aren't a redemption fic, or a Thor loving Loki when Loike is still being evil, or Loki being mean to Thor or the two being in a relationship, or loki being in a relationship with someone else.

I'm just looking for fics where the two are brothers, be it when they are children, Lloki never turned bad in the first place. I don't mind kid loki or Lady loki or anything like that. I just want some sibling love.

I would also love to read some fics where Loki never turns bad, still finds out about his heritage as a frost giant. and lots of brotherly love and caring and protection.

Please and hank you. you guys are awesome!