February 5th, 2019

Specific Fic - Loki didn't attack NY, woos Thor, helps find Bucky

I failed to bookmark this fic and I've been looking on and off for months and can't find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Faulty memory is faulty.

The Avengers are fighting the Chitauri and Loki swoops in and defeats them. He gives Thor something that means he's courting Thor - I think it's a bracelet, but wouldn't swear to that in a court of law. lol Loki has zero interest in anything going on with the Avengers or in helping them. He only did it to impress Thor.

Things go along and somehow Bucky (and someone else maybe) gets kidnapped by Hydra. Loki isn't going to bother to help at first, but Thor pretty much blackmails him into by denying his court until he does. lol They get him/them back.

Pretty sure it was complete but wouldn't swear to that either.

Anyone that can help me is my bestie 4 lyfe. Thanks y'all!

Specific Stucky Fic

I’m trying to find a fic I read on AO3 awhile back. It was post Captain America:Winter Soldier. I don’t know if Steve was still searching for Bucky, or if he was already living in the Tower. Bucky was still very much the Soldier. There was a scene where Bucky had Steve ties to a bed, I think with a belt, and he cut off his clothes with a knife and they had very rough sex, with Bucky topping from the bottom. And after, Steve came into the kitchen looking like he had been in a fight. Oh, and Thor looked the same way, and Loki was a black cat, so he could sneak around.

Specific Tony Stark Time Travel Fic

Hey, everyone!

I've been searching for this specific fic for a while. Tony travels back to the commando's time. The only thing I can remember about this fic is that Tony and Peggy have a good relationship. There is something about how a good dress is like armor, and I remember Tony telling Peggy that she was very well armored that day.

Does any of this ring any bells?