February 10th, 2019

Jazz Hands

Looking for Stucky + Tony

I have something of an odd request. Hoping to find something with established Steve / Bucky, where they realize they both have a thing for Tony, and decide to try and get him to join them, preferably as more than a temporary fling. Except one of them is too subtle and Tony has no idea, while the other is too blunt, and Tony thinks it's a cheating thing and turns it down cause he ain't a homewrecker for his friends thank you.

I don't even know if something like this exists, but the craving for it popped in my head, and I just can't get the itch scratched.

Rhodey & Tony

Looking for stories involving these two and their shenanigans, optimally as War Machine and Iron Man. Gen, friendship, lots of snark between two dorks, angst, horror, pretty much everything. If possible no MIT era fics and if there are relationships they shouldn’t be foreground plot. Thanks for your help!