February 14th, 2019

Completed fics please

I am having surgery and I would love to read good fanfics during my recovery. Clint is my favorite, but I would be willing to read anything. Thank you so much.

Also does anyone have any T’Challa/Clint fanfics they recommend.

angel Tony demon Sam fic

I've been trying to find a fic that I stumbled upon a while back that had Tony as an angel and Sam as a demon/devil. Tony is injured during an outing and Sam figures out he's an angel? It might have been a one shot set in a bigger collection, but I haven't been able to relocate it. Any help would be appreciated, thank you :)

Darcy/Bruce and Hulk soulmark fic

So if someone can help me find this fic that would be great. What I remember about it is:

-Darcy is Bruce/Hulk’s soulmate.
-Darcy gets kidnapped.
-While she is being held her soulmark starts to turn green.
-Darcy hulks out and escapes.
-Bruce freaks out when he finds out that she was affected by he gamma radiation.

Winter Soldier calls Steve bunny fic

I've been looking for this fic for what seems like forever. Natasha and Steve are looking for the Winter Soldier, when they find him Natasha tranqs him but instead of putting him out it drugs him up and he becomes clingy towards Steve and jealous of Natasha. He keeps calling Steve a bunny in Russian. I'm sure there may have been more to the fic but that's the part that stuck out. I read it on Ao3.
Thank you,