February 17th, 2019

Specific Winteriron/BuckyTony Fics Search

Hello! I've been trying for the past two weeks to find two winteriron fics I remember reading in December but I can't find them anywhere on AO3. Any help would be great!

1) The Exvengers/Rogues get pardoned and go on their first mission together. Bucky tells them he doesn't want to hear them bad mouthing Tony or there will be consequences. Natasha recognizes he will go into Winter Soldier mode and warns the others to follow but Clint runs his mouth and when they get back (I believe to the tower not the compound) Bucky goes into Winter Soldier mode, choking Clint,stabbing Wanda, and threatening Steve when he tries to intervene. He tells Natasha she did well with not badmouthing and lets her go with references to their time in the Red Room I think. I want to say it ends with Tony watching on the feeds and Bucky goes down and calls him down. I also believe it was a oneshot around 15k.  

2)The other was a part of a multichapter fic with the Rogues returning but the only thing I remember is that for Christmas Bucky gets Tony a "coupon" book with things like "take the blame for something" and "get out of a thing" type coupons. Tony uses them at a PR event when the Rogues are trying to blame him for stuff and runs away with Bucky handling it. 

Thanks so much!