February 21st, 2019

Loki Au - Room - FOUND

A few months, maybe a year ago I read a Loki-centric fic about a female Loki in an AU of a movie called Room, where a woman had been kidnapped seven years prior and now has a five year old when she hatched a plan of escape.

Well, I finally watched the movie and now really wantto read the Loki fix I initially read about it.

I read it on AO3, but the tags on there are terrible because people tag the dumbest stuff making it impossible to filter. I’d really love any help to find it please!

A tiny heater in Bucky's arm

I've got a little sliver of a fic stuck in my head and I can't for my life figure out what it's from: Bucky's metal arm is always cold, and it's uncomfortable for him, so someone (presumably Tony?) makes a little sticky strip heater thing that gets attached on the inside of the arm and keeps the whole thing at body temperature. I don't remember if that even has anything to do with the rest of the story... Any insight? Thanks in advance!