March 1st, 2019

Sad Irondad fic

There was an irondad fic I read not to long ago but I forgot to bookmark it!
The plot was that tony is missing presumed dead from a mission and steve is the one to tell peter. Peter was mad because they wouldn't let him go on the mission. Then it turns out Tony left peter videos in case he died. One was teaching Peter how to shave and I think another was how to tie a tie. The last one Peter watch was how to install Friday in his suit he ends up finding Tony in the dessert almost dead and Peter is pissed at steve still.
Please help! It might have been on Tumblr or AO3.

Missing Fic

I read a fic a while ago, I think on AO3, where the Avengers kept manhandling and physically hurting Tony without realizing it (although anyone with two firing neurons would!). The example that sticks in my head is Steve demanding that Tony leave the lab for some “it’s for your own good, because I’m the Captain and I know everything” type of reason, and Steve throws Tony over his shoulder to carry him against his will, thereby painfully jamming the arc reactor further into Tony’s chest. The story is not “One of Those Days” by kerravon, which is great but not what I’m looking for. Any help would be appreciated, even if it’s just similar stories. THANKS!

Hurt Bucky Barnes


I am looking for some good quality hurt/pain/angst Bucky recs. Especially ones that involve characters like sam/bruce/natasha/clint helping him out. I recently read "the company you keep" by orbingarrow and tatemshope on AO3 and loved it. Another one of my all time favs is " i need a forest fire" by tomorrowswain.... so if anyone knows any fics like that one....

I also am looking for anything where Bucky's version of the serum is worse than Steve's. Like he doesn't heal as fast or something. 

Thanks so much!!!