March 10th, 2019

peter parker at team dinner

Hello there!

I'm looking for a fic on ao3 where Peter and the rest of the team are at a restaurant. But he is really insecure because he doesn't recognize any of the food, and then he orders something and it isn't what he expects. The waiter is being really mean but the rest of the team is very understanding when he tells them May and him don't really have the money to buy this kind of things. And that situations like this (wearing a suit and stuff) is not really him.

Crimson Spell morning coffee

*Found- Specific Fic Search- Steve wakes at Shield

Hi, I’m looking for an older fic about Steve waking for the first time at Shield. Steve can sort of feel the vibrations of his actual shield when he gets it back. The scene I remember is where it’s given to him by the agents and he can tell there’s something off because of the sound or the feel. He grabs a knife and chips off some kind of tracking device from it. Can anyone help me?