March 20th, 2019


Hi guys
I'm lookin for a fic where Tony was left alone in the Tower, drinking away his sorrows and then Thor comes and makes it better and they end up in a relationship.
I distinctly remember Thor telling Tony that he makes it storm for Tony.
Then the avengers come back and then Loki comes cuz Thor is needed on Asgard
In the second part it's all about getting Loki to be w them. Oh and Tony gets fire powers?

Ive been looking and I can't find it, please help.

*Update* found link is in the comments

Some Loki searches

I have a few general fic requests

1. Set after Thor 2: the avengers learn of Loki's "death";

2. Thorki set pre Thor 1, where they deal with their feelings about the whole incest thing;

3. Stories about Loki between Thor 2 and 3;

4. Any Loki mpreg fics that don't stray too much from canon;

5. Loki meets any of the avengers pre-avengers