March 25th, 2019


Looking for Avengers/Teen Wolf crossovers

this might be a stupid thing to ask, but do any of you guys know any Avengers/Teen Wolf crossovers that aren't Stiles-centric? I'm not saying he can't be in it, I just have no interest whatsoever in Stiles as the main char, Stiles as BAMF, or stiles with any kind of superpowers.

I'm preferably looking for stories where Scott McCall interacts with Tony, or Steve, or any of the Avengers.  Where Scott meets t'Challa,or Scott Lang, or Rhodey, or Sam, or pretty much any of the Avengers.
Hell, considering that based on s1, the Hulk was Scott's favorite comic book character, it would be nice for him and Bruce to meet.
Scott is my favorite character on Teen Wolf, and it's far too rare to find crossovers with him as the main character.

So does anyone have any for me?

Fic search

There's three fics I'm looking for

1) Somehow baby Tony is in Hydra's custody and the Winter Soldier is given charge of him, but a few times throughout the years Tony was taken away (by Stane?) then brought back until h eventually wasn't brought back. Meanwhile, the Soldier somehow remembers Tony when he sees him on TV (during the New York invasion, maybe) and breaks out of Hydra to find him by sneaking into Stark Tower only to be cufh by the Avengers who don't listen to Tony that the Soldier won't hurt them. Pretty sure it was a short series of fics.

2) Bucky can't sleep one night free moving into Stark Tower so he goes wandering and ends up on an empty floor where Tony has stored some boxes. While looking through a box Bucky finds old stuff from Tony's childhood and teen years, including an old Halloween costume teen Tony wore which was a pretty decent copy of Bucky's old Howling Commandos outfit. Tony catches him and they talk and Bucky learns Tony had a crush on him as a kid.

3) Similar deal in so far as Tony had/has a crush on Bucky but I think in this one Tony totally fanboys over Bucky and can't even talk to him without blushing or running, and Bucky thinks Tony hates him. Then Bucky somehow ends up in Tony's home office and finds its practically a shrine to Bucky Barnes because Tony is still a total fanboy.

Thanks for by help in advance.

Deaged avengers

I'm looking for a fic that features de-aged Avengers. Somehow Tony is the only one who escaped the spell. But when he takes the kids back to HQ Rhodey also helps take care of the kids.

I really remember the art associated with the fic. It was on an orange background with the silhouettes of Tony surrounded by the kids in yellow. The art was very good because you could still place all the children easily.

I think that at one point Tony tells Rhodey that he suspects a few of them were abused. Rhodey kind of freaks out saying he doesn't know how to handle that. Tony says something like- well my advice to you is this, don't hit them