March 28th, 2019


Looking for two fic: a Tony/Bucky fic and a Tony/Steve fic

Hey! I've been fruitlessly combing through all my bookmarks but have been unsuccessful in finding two particular fics. It's driving me nuts, so I'd appreciate any help!

1) The first fic is Bucky/Tony. The key detail I remember is a scene where The Winter Soldier is unexpectedly in the lab with Tony (maybe he flipped from Bucky into WS mode?), and he pins Tony up against the wall and, like, sniffs him? I thought it was one of the older fic, and fairly well-known, but I can't seem to find anything that seems right.

*#2 has been found - see comments*
2) The second fic is Steve/Tony. I also think this was a BNF's fic, but couldn't swear to it. Towards the end of the fic, Tony goes to pick up Steve's sketchbook and Steve smacks it out of his hand. Tony's feelings are hurt, but the misunderstanding is resolved in that same scene iirc.

Thank you in advance!!!