March 31st, 2019

Bruce waking up to Clint/worried he hurt him

This is driving me crazy - does anyone know the fic where Bruce keeps waking up from being the Hulk only to find Clint there? I think Clint is doing it as a safety thing but Bruce is really freaked out and worries he killed Clint (the first time) or that he hurt him. I cannot find it (it was on A03) and its driving me crazy. Pretty sure it was gen.


FOUND - Tony as a cyborg?

I am searching for a fic I have read a few months ago... It was on AO3, and had three parts, two of them complete. The first one was from the view of rogue avengers, they come back to America after Civil War and they want to meet Tony, but are not able to... They do not know it, but Tony has died after Siberia, but was able to make himself a body and transfer his mind into it. He is also a Technophatic because of the use of Extremis. Everyone thinks he is Tony's son AJ. They also ask Loki to impersonate Tony and introduce AJ to media as Tony's son and heir.
Does anyone know this fics name? I would really like to read it again, as I loved it and can not believe, that I did not bookmark it for myself.
Thank you sooo much!