April 9th, 2019

Searching for a Peter Parker-focused post-Civil War fic (most likely on AO3)

I read the most amazing fic on AO3 a while back and I'm trying to find it and I can't seem to so I'm looking for help (I'm really hoping it's not deleted). Pretty much Peter has a secret youtube account and found and posted the video of the airport fight and the internet blew up (at one point he tells everyone that Rhodey is doing okay), Tony doesn't like it though because Reasons and tells Friday to take it off. Friday goes on her own initiative and shuts down YouTube to take it off, and then contacts Peter and gives him the videos from Siberia to post. The internet explodes again. Peter (as himself) posts on twitter for people to draw blue circles on their hands the next day to show support to Tony, Tony asks him to take it off and he does, but everyone does it anyway and a hawker is selling like cellphone cases with the blue circle. It's cute and I'm really hoping to find it again.