May 1st, 2019

Looking for specific Frostiron(?) Fic

Hello! Im looking for a fic i read a while ago. Im pretty sure it was Loki/Tony fic. What i remember is that Tony had been given a Golden apple and is possibly in talks with Odin and Laufey on Earth and the Winter soldier snipes him in the head. Tony had been wearing his helmet the whole time until that one moment where he took it off to have a breath and is then shot. It knocks him out but doesnt pierce the bone of his skull.

Pretty sure Loki instantly iced the room for protection and blocked other from getting in? Laufey i believe catches up to Winter Solider and ices him in place, and Loki appears once he sees Tony is ok? Maybe he didnt see Tony was fine, i dont remmeber He wants to take revenge but Cap comes up and begs him not to because its Bucky. I think Bucky gets taken to Asgard after that but they wouldnt let Steve come?

Any help would be much appreciated!