May 2nd, 2019


Post Ragnarok story

I am looking for a story I lost when browser updated and lost its bookmarks. It's post-Ragnarok. I believe it is either as the Statesman is coming into Earth orbit and Thor is talking to Loki about how they will rebuild, OR they are already on Earth, with land granted for Asgardia or New Asgard, and as Thor laments what they have lost, Loki pulls things out of his dimensional pocket. He had stored ALL of the library of Asgard in there, along with other things. I bookmarked it because Thor was the one all woebegone over the thought of all of their knowledge and history having been destroyed, and the new Asgardians would never know their own history.
Thanks in advance!
crouching tiger - jen yu

Clint and Tony friendship, post first Avengers

There’s a fic I read quite some time ago. It was after the first Avengers, Clint and Coulson had been an item, Tony’s friendship was helping Clint hold it together. The thing I particularly remember is Coulson coming back after they think he’s dead, and Clint thinks he’s an hallucination and calls Tony, thinking he’s really lost it for good. Ringing any bells?