May 3rd, 2019

Bucky Arm/Shoulder Pain

Hello — I am looking for some fic recs. I  would love some good fics where Bucky's arm/shoulder hurts him or malfunctions. 

I would also really like some things where he doesn't have his metal arm but has lesser prosthetic, no prosthetic or never lost his arm but has an injury/ tremor. 

Really anything in which bucky's arm gives him trouble or chronic pain. 

Thank you!!

  • e_kett

Irondad and spiderson after the snap

The story was tony and peter centric (not starker) it took place after the snap and tony could hear peter's voice in his head while they were in the soul stone. Steve could hear Bucky's voice inside his head as well. The soul stone was weird, there was boxes everywhere, amd some kind of cat on steroids that claws peter at some point idk. Captain marvel shows up eventually, both steve and tony use the glove to undo the snap. It might have been steve/bucky but I cant remember if they were platonic or not. Thats all I really remember the story was great, but I didnt bookmark it and I hate myself for it. I made this account like thirty years ago and never used it, soryy if I'm doing this wrong, it took me an embarressingly long time just to figure out how to post this but im desperate. Thanks in advance for all your help!