May 5th, 2019

Post-Civil War Iron Man x Spiderman

I am looking for a fanfiction were tony stark is in the hospital after civil war and peter comes to help him by give him his blood that alters tonys DNA and gives him peters strength and healing. They also do that with Rhodes too.

Does anyone know what fanfic this is i cant find it or remember the name.

Looking for Multi Verse Story set after Civil War

I've been looking for this story for a bit but haven't been able to find it anywhere. I read it about a year ago, pretty sure it was on AO3, it wasn't complete then. But while the ExVengers are holed up in Wakanda, somehow their counterpieces from another universe show up, their Tony had died saving them by sending them to this universe. These ones are much more reasonable and agree to sign the Accords and cooperate.

I remember 3 main scenes: The ExVengers complaing about their reputation getting ruined by their counterparts and potentially making a plan to stop them; the counterparts having a memorial of sorts for their Tony and this Tony seeing that but walking away, leaving them to it in peace; and all of them going to a gala or something in a limo, Tony is surprised that they were all willing to go along, but they say they're a team, of course they're going. Tony says the originals all had good reasons to not go, but it was mainly just them not wanting to. All the counterparts are irritated at the originals for their actions.

If you know the name of this story, that would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

Steve/Tony Alternate Universe

This is probably a post AOU story or post civil war story. It start with Tony being loney as all avenger has left him or abandoned him and he accidentally found a way to communicate with steve from an alternate universe. They kept the communication for a while until the AU tony died in a mission and they invited this universe Tony to joined them as his Avenger team did not appreciate him.

3 searches: Steve/Bucky, and 2 Loki-centric

Story 1:

I think it was a modern Bucky/CA Steve story: they save each other from bad dates/uncomfortable situations? I think it was first Steve saves Bucky from a bad date, then Bucky saves Steve from one and invites him to hang out with the Commandos (who are all modern too).

Story 2: 

Events of Thor film went differently, and Loki did not kill Laufey. Later, he goes to meet with him, and asks if he had a son that was killed/kidnapped, and then reveals that he is that son... it was a longer story that had an entirely different focus I think, I just remember this one scene. 

General search: 

Any Loki-centric searches where he is raised in Asgard as in the canon, but then interacts with the Jotuns a lot, in a peaceful way? Reconnecting with his roots, that sort of thing.