May 9th, 2019


Avengers release public figures and mutants from Hydra captivity, reveal doubles in their place

I'm looking for a story where Tony Stark finds out that Hydra has been producing doubles of public figures and political leaders and putting them in the place of those they've captured and are holding prisoner. They're also holding a lot of mutants. Tony and his crew go through the compound where they're being held, releasing them and recruiting them in the fight against Hydra. Pierce, Stern, and maybe Ross are a part of the conspiracy. I'm pretty sure Scott Summers (Cyclops) is one of the freed prisoners (and Rogue? Logan?), and either POTUS (Ellis?) or VPOTUS.

I thought it was part of the very long story Peachy Keen by AnonEhouse that I've been tweaking through for the last 2 weeks to finally print now that it finished, but I've read past that point in the timeline where it would happen and I'm not seeing it (unless she did a major edit and deleted it???) Hope someone recalls this scenario and it hasn't vanished in a poof of smoke.
We are Groot

Accidental victim blaming and Tony whump

You guys, I think Endgame broke me and now I need some Tony angst with a happy ending. I'm sure this has been requested a million times but this is a huge fandom so I'm hoping there's still plenty to rec.

1) I need to read some accidental victim blaming fic. Where the team thinks Tony is going back to his old reckless, alcoholic, playboy ways and confront him without realizing he's really trying to cope with some sort of new trauma. Abuse, rape/noncon, sexual harrassment, torture, etc. Basically the team being judgemental assholes, accidentally reinforcing Tony's shitty self esteem and belief that it was his fault, then finding out the truth and doing their best to rally around him. Happy endings please! Bonus points if one or more of the Avengers track down Tony's attacker and kick his ass. Slash, het, gen all welcome. I just read

2) Similarly, I love fics where the Avengers find out that Tony's childhood was not as sweet and priveledged as they thought. Maybe Tony gets deaged or they find videos of kid Tony being held for ransom, or something. Basically I want defensive "I'm totally fine, thank you, fuck off" Tony and horrified, protective team. Bonus points if Cap lectures Tony, comparing him to Howard, only to find out that Howard was an abusive asshole. 

Loki with Kids meets Dying Tony

Tony Stark goes for a drive after finding out he’s dying and ends up meeting Loki, who is on Midgard with his children having run away from Asgard. Tony sees that they’re struggling to carry their groceries home and offers them a ride home. As the fix progressed we learn that Loki teaches self defence classes in order to pay the bills and he has an older daughter who works full time to supplement that income.

Loki and Tony grow closer and closer, eventually starting a relationship. Loki doesn’t find out Tony is dying until close to the end of the fic.

None of them can use magic or it will alert Odin to where they are and Loki fear his children being taken from him again.

Thank you!