May 10th, 2019

Looking for specific Frostiron fic

Hello! This has been driving me insane. Im looking for a fic on AO3 I was sure was written by Starsdidathing but i cant find it. It was a Tony/Loki Grinch fusion of sorts. Loki is lonely mountain Jotunn and Tony ends up meeting him when Pepper throws away important parts and he hikes up to the trash shoot to get it back. He meets Loki then keeps coming back and befriends him. Is this ringing any bells? Thank in advance!

Pepper manipulated by SHIELD

Hi. Pretty sure Pepper was manipulated by Fury, although it may have been Coulson. Anyway, she gives Fury(?) information about Tony’s private life, which Fury uses to try and manipulate Tony. Any ideas? Thank you.
EDIT: Thinking on it some more, I believe Pepper had told Fury something about Tony’s new relationship with someone. Tony felt betrayed by Pepper, as Fury used that info to try and threaten Tony. Tony and Pepper had a big fallout.