May 16th, 2019

stories where Thor helps Loki during Avengers

I was wondering, are there any stories (Thorki or gen or with them in other pairings, no preference really) where during the first Avengers movie, Thor immediately recognizes that Loki is being controlled/manipulated, and helps him instead of attacking him? Or at least stops others from attacking, and works to set Loki free instead. 

Thank you!

Looking for IronDad and SpiderSon recs and one specific fic

Hi, everyone! I’m very new to this ship (platonic Peter and Tony). I got into it after Endgame broke my heart and I’d love some Peter whump recs. Anything where Peter’s hurt or sick or kidnapped and Tony’s protective. Also, I’ve heard From a few different sources about a fic by signofthree called Four Days that I would love to read if anyone has the pdf downloaded (I think it was deleted). If someone does have the pdf and can sent it to me that would be fantastic. My email address is

Any and all recs are very appreciated!