May 22nd, 2019

Unthinking Clint

There was a fic, before Ultron, about how the team, particularly Clint, treat their floors, especially the common room, like a wrecking yard. When someone, Thor?, comments on the damage, Clint says it doesn't matter because Tony is rich and can easily replace or fix anything broken. There's something about Tony being on crutches, and Clint apologizes at the end.

Looking for a stony soulmate fic with time travel

Hi there!
I'm looking for a stony soulmate au that is set post cacw where I think people have tattoos of their soulmate's first words to them or something, and Tony's is Steve but Steve has already met his back at WWII. In the end it turns out that Tony time travels and says his words to Steve in the forties... I think they were something like "it's true, there is some green in the blue of your eyes" or some similar thing.
Rings any bells?
Thank you all in advance

I found it myself!!! It's Meet Again, by dirigibleplumbing

Hurt Tony recs please!

I’m new to reading fic in this fandom so I’d love some hurt Tony recs that are considered staples in the fandom, maybe? Like, fics that everyone should read. I’d prefer Stony or Pepperony if there’s a ship, but I’m open to pretty much anything. I also adore IronDad.

Kidnappings, torture, illnesses, non-con elements, angst, hurt/comfort, disability....all of it. (Would also prefer a happy ending after all the pain, but whatever).