May 26th, 2019

Stony fan fic

Hi guys
I’m looking for a specific stony fanfic where Tony was born an omega and his dad (bad Howard stark parenting btw) sends him to a place where they try to change him into an alpha buy it doesn’t last and he goes to school and has his heat and gets raped (no detail but it’s implied) & pregnant and a few years later he joins the avengers and he hides his daughter from them by sending her to boarding school and he loves Steve but think Steve only likes him because he’s an omega so he acts like a typical omega by cleaning and cooking etc there is a huge misunderstanding and then him and Steve get together and it has a happy ending
Thank you everyone

Avengers 1 from Clint or Loki POV

Hi! I'm trying to find any fics of the first Avengers movie from Clint or Loki POVs or fics that also tell their side of the story.

Slash, preferably Clint/Loki (no extreme non-con) or Thorki, Gen is also welcomed.

Don't mind if the story is not fully movie compliant or if it deals with post-Avengers, basically anything that might fall on the search.

I would absolutely love Clint taking care of Loki (even better if its his idea, not the mind control), since at the beginning Loki seems exhausted or injured and gets better as it goes along.

Thank you!