June 3rd, 2019

Post Civil War fic

Im looking for a post civil war fic i read about a year back, where peter is patrolling the city and he finds team cap hiding out in an abandonded building. He goes to confront them but realizes they're about to be attacked so he warns them and helps them escape instead. I remember he gets hurt and they bring him onto their ship, and they have to give him the type of anesthetics they give steve because the regular ones dont work on him. I dont remember how it ends or if it was even complete.
Does anyone know what im talking about? Id love to read though it again.
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Looking for a very specific loki fanfic

Hello so I have been trying for hours to find a specific fanfiction I read long ago and it's driving me crazy so I decided maybe this site could help on my search.

The fanfic was about loki being punished or sent to live with the avengers in starks tower. He had like some ptsd and he was tortured while he was in the void. There is also this voice that talks to him in his mind but I don't remember if it's Thanos or himself. Then after something happens where they are in an au and they watch films about themselves. Then they see their futures through that and wait for Thanos.

I know that sound like crazy but it's what I mostly remembered. If you can find it or know about it I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

Searching for a specific Iron!Dad/Spidey!Son fic

Hello! I’ve been trying to find this fic but haven't been successful.
I don’t remember much but the overall plot is that Peter keeps getting hurt but doesn’t wanna bother Tony cus he thinks it isn’t important? So he treats himself, and one day he gets really seriously hurt and I think he asks if he could just get a pill or something? I’m confused if this is the fic where he is shot like five times and hides if (if anyone knows about this one and it’s a different one, please hit me up too), or if I’m mixing stuff up, but I’m pretty sure the medicine scene existed.
Thanks in advance!