June 28th, 2019

Specific Tony fics

I am looking for two different fics:
1. Pepper told the Avengers tell him no because if they didn't or something like that he was so adorable he could take over the world or something like that.
2. Tony sneaks into people's rooms at night and then in the morning he wear their underwear or what they wear to sleep.

Looking for Tony Stark fic

Hi! I read this a while ago. Pretty sure Tony Stark was a mutant, but at some point he gets captured and Maya Hensen injects him with Extremis to save his life and he accidently shuts down power all over the world(?) And a plane crashes and kills its passengers because of it. Thanks in advance if anyone knows wht fic Im talking about!

Specific Fic About Revenge

Heeeeyyy! I'm back, looking for another fic.

This time it's a short one. It's about Tony unleashing revenge on Steve (and by extension, the rest of Team Cap I guess) by ruining his and Sharon Carter's wedding. He does this by sharing a very important secret to the bride, which I kinda don't want to spoil for those who are interested in reading the story. Let's just say that it involves Steve...Kay?

I do believe that this is part of a salty series-salty towards Team Cap, obviously. I can't find it, and it's very tedious to try and comb through all the not team cap-friendly fics. So, hopefully, someone knows what fic this is.

Also, if you got any cool fics to suggest-go ahead and plop it down in the comments. Really, it'd be a blessing.

Thanks so much, guys!!

Looking for deleted Head Cannon Clint Barton series

So I'm looking for a series of fics, I can't for the life of me remember the author and i think their account may have been deleted. I'm pretty sure the series was titled something along the lines of Head Cannon Clint Barton. It had several unrelated longish fics that centered around Clint that were fairly angsty and h/c.
One was in a bdsm au where Fury was listed as Clint's emergency dominant after Phil died and he ended up transferring him to Tony who drugged him a lot and was abusive. Steve rescued him and they went on the run for a while.
There were a couple where clint got seriously ill after Loki's control. He had seizures and constant pain, I believe he died at the end of one. He became Stark's head of security in one.
There were a few ones where he was tortured. In one he was thought dead and was accidentally found on a random shield op after a year in captivity. He was heavily injured and scarred, he had a pretty nasty gag that endes up giving him a glasgow smile. There was also one set during catws where clint became paralyzed and ended up running an underground shield reacue network. He became known as the Handler.
There was also a wip involving William Cross and a mutant Clint fic where he was basically a walking bomb. He self immolated in the end after Phil died.
These fics have been removed from ao3 but i would really like to re-read them. I wanted to see if anyone had them downloaded or had an old link to one of them so I could check the way back machine.
I'd be grateful for anyone's help, this was one of my favourite series.