July 4th, 2019


search: fic writer/editor Bucky and Steve AU

Bucky is a writer, editor, or proofreader, or a combination of all three.
I went through the Writer!Bucky Barnes AO3 tag but nothing jogged my brain on the summaries or titles unless I'm just particularly stupid this morning.

I remember he works with/for Natasha.

Situation that sticks in my head (an explanation in the fic) says she gave him some work once to just proofread and after a point he got fed up and grabbed a pen and started making comments in the margins, some of them pretty harsh and some funny. A lot like "Are you kidding me?" and stuff like that.

That's like the biggest part, Bucky is a sarcastic editor. Everything else escapes me.

I am 99% sure it is Steve/Bucky because that's a favorite of mine.

Specific Search: Tony becomes god of insanity and intelligence

I'm looking for a fic that is eventually Tony/Loki... Loki is watching the avengers battle Doom, and Tony is trapped in a spell by Doom but escapes with his own magic. Loki sticks around to help him because Tony can't control his magic. Eventually they are arrested and brought to Asgard and Tony is severely injured (by Odin I believe, also 90% sure Steve ends up putting Odin in a coma). Loki and Frigga give him a golden apple and he becomes the god of insanity and intelligence. Then at a banquet he and Loki get together, and Tony wins an Asgardian drinking contest. Also Clint won't stop talking about how he now has godly/insane eyes.


Stony with Android Tony?

I know i didn't imagine this Fic. I thought i'd had it saved but apparently not. /FAIL. So hopefully you fantastic people can help me. Here's what i remember.

1. Pairing was of coarse Tony/Steve
2. Tony does something with extremis to merge with the suit
3. Tony pretty much fabricates himself to the point where the only way to kill him is to remove the arc reactor.
4. By the end of the fic Tony is pretty much immortal. Its very Ghost in the Shell.
5. At one point Tony get "hacked?"

Hopefully that helps and no it isn't Rebirth. I'm also pretty certain its somewhere on AO3

Tony transformed after using the gauntlet

We know what happens to Tony after he uses the gauntlet and snaps. Instead of that, I'm hoping to find fics where something else happens to him. Like his body gets transformed in some strange way thanks to the stones, or he gets powers. Some transformation that changes him from being human in some way please.

Looking for Gen fics, meaning no romantic pairs unless they're canonical to the movies. No Tony/Steve, etc.