July 6th, 2019

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  • ladyra

Looking for 3 Tony Stark centric fics

Looking for 3 fics:

2 are older fics.

1. Tony works too hard and has 4 jobs, and starts to burn out, and actually passes out at some fundraiser he's at with Steve.  His friends all rally around him to change his life style and support him.  I remember they make him some cereal with fruit.

2. There is a bad press release on the TV about the avengers, calling Natasha a Russian spy. Tony manages to break into the talk show and rip the newscaster a new one.

3. This one is a newer one.  I think it's a crossover with Sentinel?  Tony has broken up with Pepper, and then finds his other half.  What I remember is that Pepper is really angry about it, and tries to cause trouble.


Lady Ra