July 8th, 2019

Tony finding Mjölner in Afghanistan


I'm searching for a fic where Tony after escaping the 10 rings finds Mjölner in the dessert where is crashed instead of mexico. He picked up and the hammer basically keeps him alive because the reactor failed or something when Stark cached. So Tony has thor's powers and the fic basically ends with Tony suggesting to Thor that they can take a look on what would be the ironman suit for Thos.

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hey y'all wondering if anyone can help me find this fic that I can't find for the life of me. It was a steve/bucky fic and all I remember is that bucky rediscovers sex and sends pepper a romantic porn video of two old men, and then Steve makes them wait three months until they have sex, kinda vague but I hope someone knows which fic this is! thanks!!!

Avengers sent to capture Spirder-man

Fury is ordered to capture Spider-man so that S.H.I.E.L.D. can discovery how he got his powers and see if he is a menace to the world. Against his better judgement he orders the Avengers to do so. In the process they discover how young he is, and that the people of New York are NOT okay with that idea, not at all.

During this they also discover the reason they were ordered to do so, was mainly because they wanted to see why Spider-man had been able to become a hybrid spider/human cross, when experiments with others human/animal failed. When these experiments escape and start killing people, a cure is found that will kill the hybrids.

Spider-man does the heroic thing and releases the cure across the city, knowing that it will kill him as well. As he is dying he makes it back to the tower to say goodbye to the team.

I think I found it one time on Archiveofourown, but search has failed me.

Gen Tony fic of Wanda manipulating his mind

I'm looking for Gen fics where Wanda uses her powers to manipulate Tony's mind, maybe to torture him or changes/alters/erases his memories. It could be a villain Wanda fic. I'm also interested if there's some concerning Civil War fallout where maybe team Cap's dark enough to have Wanda mess with Tony's mind for their own benefit or revenge.

On that last note, I did once read a 'not team cap friendly' fic on A03, a oneshot where Steve and others break into Tony's tower and want to talk, in the aftermath of Civil War. It ends with Steve having Wanda resort to mind manipulation on Tony, but it never goes further than that and we don't see her doing it. It just ends. If anyone knows this specific fic, I'd appreciate that too. But I'd love fics that go further than that story.


Loki and T’Challa in a tree


I really only remember one scene: Team Ironman, plus T’Challa, Loki, Dr. Strange, and (I think?) the Guardians are on one side of a clearing facing off with Steve and co. T’Challa is in a tree. Loki makes a comment, aimed at Bucky, about “one of you is already ours.” Or something like that? It was definitely a Tony centric fic, and I think it was either a Tony/Loki or a Tony/T’Challa. Also, one of the characters might have made a “yes, because THAT’S not intimidating AT ALL” comment, maybe?

Thank you all so much!