July 13th, 2019


the Rogues bring Ebola into the country

Hope someone can help me out here. The story (series?) I'm looking for is an ongoing post at AO3. I think it had an update just a few days ago and I read the new chapter without catching up on the previous ones and now can't recall title or author. Steve and his team, including Sharon and Wanda (?), took a quinjet south, to Brazil or Argentina or some such, on the hunt for Bucky. None of them thought to get any inoculations and they brought back some nasty bugs. I think Steve's serum mutated Ebola and the TB he'd been carrying since Sarah died of it. Sharon and their pilot died and Steve had to swim from the plane when it went down. It effects Steve's eyes in some way. Nat and Tony have to explain to Steve the difference between imprisonment and quarantine.