July 19th, 2019


Stucky Video Game AU

Please help! I'm looking for a Steve/Bucky fic based around video games. I thought it was a Cap!Steve, Modern!Bucky fic, but maybe not since I've gone through almost the whole tag on AO3 and haven't found it.

In it, Bucky and Steve meet during an online game of some sort. Bucky also streams his game playing and Steve starts watching his streams as well. I'm pretty sure it was a series, and in later installments they had to use creative camera angles so Steve could sit beside Bucky while he plays and not get outed on camera. It's possible that at one point Bucky was baby sitting his sister's daughter and he and Steve had to deal with the sister's abusive boyfriend, but also possible that's from a different fic.

It's not the one where they play Destiny. I found that one while searching, and it's an amazing fic, but not what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Found! It's the Streamlined series by nickel710.

Gen: unusual punishments for Cap and others.

Looking for 'Civil war' fics where Cap's team ends up punished in some strange way for what went down in the fallout. Could be that they come back and want to make amends, or they're captured, etc. Either way, it's some not quite normal punishment (although I'll take a few fics with them being in the Raft). Would love it if Tony's side is somehow responsible for Team cap or part of the punishment. Inspiration for me wanting to find fics like this stemmed from reading a fic where cap's team are turned into animals as punishment, and Tony's team takes care of them.
Please, Gen fics!!! not interested in romantic pairs or past romantic pairs. Just fics of how they're all handling the punishment as people and ex-teammates.