July 20th, 2019


Spiderman Avengers crossover !FOUND

I'm looking for a story probably published on ff.net.
It's about a meeting between Spiderman Ironman and captain America during an emergency.
I'm pretty sure there are sort of dinosaurs, and Spidey saves a kid and writes him a note for his mom, and gives him a Spiderman sweatshirt.
Thank for the help.

Found thanks to maskshredder: Every hero counts
By youngjusticefanatic

Thorki arranged marriage search

Hey there, I have been looking for this fic for 3 weeks and I couldn't find it. I really hope you'll help me out.

What I remember is it thor/loki and it's an arranged marriage.

I think loki is older than thor, and he used to be married to someone else but he died and he married thor so his older brother wouldn't have to marry thor.

Also thor have 2 older brothers and the older one is kinda of an asshole to thor, and thor is a mommy boy.

Please help me out