July 22nd, 2019

Looking for 3 Clint/Coulson fics

Hi guys, I'm looking for 3 separate fics, but all are Clint/Coulson pairing.

1.) Clint doesn't know Phil is alive, but Phil wrote a letter to  Clint and himself to their apartment to try to let Clint know he was  alive. Clint never read their mail and so did not get the letter. Phil  eventually comes back and he tells Clint about the letter he wrote to  let him know he was alive.

2.) Clint finds Phil in a cabin. Phil was staying in a cabin during  his recovery and Clint happened to go to that cabin. Did not know Phil  was alive until he got to the cabin. Clint is mad that Phil did not tell them he was alive.

3.) Clint is pissed at Phil for going up against Loki. Phil comes to  the Tower to recover and at one point Phil forgets to take pain  medication before going to sleep. He wakes up in pain and Clint storms  in and gets him his pain medication and a drink and after Phil takes it,  he leaves again. I don't remember if they were in a relationship before  the battle, but it ends with them in a relationship.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Fics where Steve comes out

I'm looking for fics that deal with Steve coming out of the closet, either publicly or to the Avengers.

Any ship or general, as long as it's Steve-centric.

I'm especially interested in fics where Steve doesn't know that societal views of gay people have shifted quite a bit, i.e. homosexuality no longer being illegal, gay marriage being legal, etc. or he's scared to come out or is ashamed of it.

Thank you!