July 23rd, 2019

Clint is de-aged and Loki takes care of him

Hi, Some time ago I read a story where Clint got turned into a kid and Loki kinda started acting like his father and took care of him. I believe I read it on fanfiction.net and that it wasn't finished but that is everything I remember. I've looked everywhere and can't find it, if anybody recognizes this story that would be fantastic. Thank you

Iron Man Tony meets little boy Tony - time travel

I just got through re-reading Every Damn Day by MusicalLuna again and got to wondering if there were any other stories where post Afghanistan Tony Stark meets up with little boy Tony. I'm talking a time jump, either Tony and his team (either one) go back in time before Howard's death, or maybe young Tony somehow getting transported to the Tower or the Compound, or even Wakanda. Please, no stories where Tony is de-aged, that's a whole 'other thing.

Gen; caught in the buff moments

Where a member of the team is caught naked in some way. Not meant to have anything to do with sex, and not looking for any pairings. Just a humorous situation. I found 2 on a03, (one of Pepper catching her still boss, Tony, in the nude. The other of Tony catching Darcy) I'm wondering if there's more. Great if it involves embarrassed characters or even characters that won't bat an eye about the situation.

*I won't mind if in some fics, they're caught in the act of sex, but really looking at ones without
*Great if it's a wardrobe malfunction of some kind :)

Thanks :)