July 26th, 2019

**Still looking for** Tony had been given Bucky's Dog Tags from WWII

Right, its been completely bothering me now that I can't seem to find this one story about Bucky and Tony.

Also, I am sure it was on ao3 and that it was a Tony/Bucky pairing,if this helps

From what I can remember from the story was that Tony had been given the dog tags from Bucky when he fell from the train when everyone thought he was 'dead'. Another thing i can remember is that Tony had the Arc Reactor from Afghanistan but had it removed before the first Avengers and that Bucky's dog tags that Tony was wearing had stopped Loki from controlling him.

It really would be helpfully with your help to find this story 😁. Also, if you wish to share some of the stories you read dont hesitate to drop them in you comment, I would love to know what other people's likes are! 😁


Sorry, I realise this is probably not the place to ask, but I do not know how to contact this writer.

Does anyone know if Wix is still writing? She has been quiet for several months now and I miss reading her saltiness.

Tony Mourning Jarvis

Hi all. Looking for recs during the Age of Ultron era where Tony breaks down or freaks out when he realizes Jarvis is gone. Looking for ones that involve the team realizing how broken Tony is about Jarvis' death (either right after it happens or later on), or Tony having a confrontation with Ultron in the penthouse right after Jarvis' death, etc. I just mainly want hurt Tony, and some aspect of realization/care/comfort from one or more teammates. Any relationships welcome.

Bonus points if Jarvis comes back, either through his own means or someone elses.

Thanks in advance!