July 27th, 2019


Searching for #IronDad fic

Here's everything I remember

-Tony hasn't slept for days tinkering in the lab

-Pepper and Happy (maybe Harley too) tries to get him to sleep

-Peter comes into the lab and said he was had a nightmare and went looking for Tony in his bedroom but he wasn't there and starts crying

-The other two/three feels bad for him and wants to comfort him

-Tony picks him up and takes him back to bed

-Peter mouths you're welcome as Tony carries him out of the lab

If you know what this cute fic is, please let me know!


Vision sacrifices himself for JARVIS.

Another story I want to re-read and I'm sure I downloaded it but my search is coming up empty. This one takes place right after Barton takes Wanda from the compound after she puts vision through the floor. I forget is Tony is just describing it or telling Hawkeye how bad their act was when he says Vision's head is half caved in and he's got rebar through his body. Dr. Cho uses the cradle (I think) to save what she can of Vision to go back into the "system" to bring JARVIS back home to Tony. If I remember right Vision knew he couldn't be saved so he consented to giving himself up.

Searching for two fics

I read this fic a loooooong time ago, but never bookmarked it. This is what I think I remember:
-Tony was experimented on by Howard
-Tony was trained to be an assassin
-He somehow fought free?

Second fic:
-Young Tony
-Ran away from home
-Found by SHIELD
-Worked with the Avengers
-Tried to hide who he is

If any of this ring any bells, please let me know!