July 29th, 2019

**Still Looking** Tony/Bucky

I've been looking for a story that I'm positive that is on AO3. The story, well, think its a long one-shot really, is a Tony/Bucky pairing.

What I can remember:

- It was and Alpha/Beta/Omega universe.
- Bucky was an Alpha and Tony was an Omega.
- The winter soldier is a separate personality to Bucky (I think).
- The winter soldier was impressed with Tony disarming him when they first met/fought in CACW.

Also, if there is another other stories similar or completely different but still is a Tony/Bucky pairing, don't hesitate to share them! I would love to see other stories of the two.

Steve struggling to cope with the modern world

I ran across a fic a long time ago which had Steve losing it in public. I don't remember the plot, but it had Steve having a breakdown, I think causing some property damage. He ends up getting arrested, but Tony comes along and makes a case to take him him. I don't remember past that or if I even made time to read more. So, looking for that specific fic.
If not that specific fic, I'll take any Gen fics that has Steve struggling hard with the modern world, and Tony tries to help. Or the team is also there to help. No pairings please