August 1st, 2019

FrostIron, invasion monument

I can’t find FrostIron fic — I remember it had a scene where Tony and Loki walk through a park and end up in front of a monument commemorating those lost in the 2012 invasion. Someone ends up taking pictures of them and Loki obviously feels guilty seeing it. It was Loki redemption thing, it's just... a very specific and poignant scene and if you read it you probably know it, I just can't remember the title.

EDIT: I found it! I actually had the fic downloaded but didn't expect it to be this particular one... It's Love, Acceptance and Whole Lotta Kink and it's essentially soft, fluffy, adorable bdsm canon au. 

De-aged Loki Fanfiction Search

Hi, a long time ago I read a baby Loki and The Avengers fanfiction somewhere. It's heavy angst but sometimes kinda funny and adorable.

Loki was punished (?) by Odin, his body became younger everytime he did something forbidden, like magic for example (?)

Something happened and He almost died and became so young, small infant. It ended with loki grew older by the year in midgard.

Please hit me up if you guys remember this fanfiction. I'm going nuts searching for this. Thank you!